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1906 – Fratelli Pagani spa

  Fratelli Pagani was born in 1906 and evolved together the Italy’s evolution throughout the XX century. It was the first factory of batteries in Italy and began to invest for design the first hand-lamps. It started a wide range of innovations still in use: birth of first case, birth of first anti-black-out lamp, invention [...]

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1937 – CEV

Following the opening of the headquarters in Venegono Superiore (VA) in 1937, Cev brand was born ( “venegonesi” electromechanical constructions) for the production of on-board instrumentations for aeronautic purposes. In the ‘50s, in Milan, the production of batteries stopped and the production efforts focused on the creation of flashlights and lamps. Instead, in Venegono, the [...]

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1962 – ZADI

ZADI acronym comes from the names of founder members: Antonio Zavatti and Enrico Diacci, two employees of MAGNETI MARELLI who, left the company, undertook moulds’ planning and production for the same Magneti Marelli. A financial partner, Brenno Conti, replaced Antonio Zavatti, but company’s name didn’t change. One year later since its foundation, the company started [...]

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1972 – LINCAR (currently CORISIT)

LINCAR manufactures high-technology domestic heating products since over half a century. The products are reliable, innovative and high quality and the company offers a careful service and a working relationship and partnership. The emilian company, with headquarters in Reggiolo, has extended its presence in the national, European and main international markets over the years with [...]

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1977 – CSI

  Due to the level of criticality associated with production quality, above all in assembly phase, ZADI builds CSI srl, a small highly qualified company which deals with planning and building of industrial automations for the Group’s companies. Now CSI develops all the production equipments according to the Poka Yoke principle and the autonomation.

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1991 – ECIE

ECIE srl was born in 1991 and it is ZADI’s main competitor in the headlight sector. The founder members were ex technicians of CEV. There were different reasons which pushed to acquire ECIE srl, especially the possibility of obtain technical skills in the headlight sector and the opportunity of accelerate ZADI’s reorganization process through the [...]

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1990 – GKS

GKS GmbH, with headquarters in Haan near Düsseldorf (Germany), plans, produces and/or trades locking systems and additional components for security of motorcycle and automotive sectors.

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Giussani Techniques S.p.A. a socio unico, with headquarters in Desio near Milan (Italy), is specialized in design and production of locks, handles and accessories for industrial products and metal furniture (Giussani Lock Department).

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Ecie controlled a company in China which produced headlights. The company, founded in 2005, has a manufacturing plant of 2600 mq and about 60 workers. It was born like Ecie Chengdu and later it has changed its name in CEV Chengdu. Moreover, it will be a HUB for the collection of products and components from [...]

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2014 – CEVLAB

CEVLAB is a specialized company in technical services provision of consultation, planning and testing mainly for the companies operating in the automotive components and lighting device sectors. This company is part of an industrial holding operative in different production sectors with several companies having in common a strategic vision strongly inclined towards technology investments, Made [...]

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