HB4 is an holding family business operating in the industrial, real estate, automotive and interior design sectors in Italy and Europe. HB4 balances the technological Know-how and increases innovative features of the investee companies though the synergy between various specific skills with the purpose of an increasingly global projection.

Moreover, HB4 proposes to redesign the management and financial structure of the investee companies in order to release capacities for innovation within a balanced  growth scenario and a productive financial development.

Since 2013 HB4 has expanded the dimensional importance of its corporate portfolio continually through a careful strategic diversification mainly focused on the industrial components division and the automotive sector. Thanks to the presence of a series of innovative production plants and business units.


Men and Women who run our companies are managers with a high level of professionalism and great sense of duty capable to think and to act with determination for the good of the company and the workers, without forgetting the focus on the geographic area of belonging.



ZADI Lighting and locking components

GKS Locking components

CSI Lighting and locking components

ECIE Lighting components

CEV CHENGDU Lighting components

RLM Precising mechanical processing

FOZMULA Sensor device manufacturers

GIUSSANI TECHNIQUES Locking components

ARCHIMEDE ENERGIA Energy storage system

ECIE ELECTRONICS Electronic boards production

CEVLAB  Engineering company, specialized in research & development, testing and process control

CORISIT   Home heating products

ILMAS   Indoor and outdoor lighting design