From 1 January 2017 CEV Lab officially launches a new challenge


Finally, on 1 January 2017, CEV Lab’s new challenge was formally launched, namely to create a completely dedicated organizational structure, independent of design and development from an organizational point of view, but closely interconnected from the technical and know how. The purpose of this new Business Unit, led by Ing. Gianluca Camporesi, are mainly to provide laboratory testing services to all group companies and to other companies close to the group (customers and suppliers). The future goal will be to expand its user base towards the external market by offering more specialized and comprehensive services not only for testing but also for consulting and training.

With these very ambitious goals, the property has decided to invest in this year’s new instrumentation, in particular for electrical and electronic product compliance tests and environmental and vibration tests. In recent times we are witnessing a regulatory evolution that is raising the string of requirements, increasingly stringent, detailed and in large numbers. We can therefore say that the time is right for us to undertake this development.

In the short time, CEV Lab aims to offer a wider range of tests just to directly intercept most of the needs of companies operating in the industrial sectors that produce high technology products or for very particular sectors such as the one of ‘ IT related to automotive. Specialization and expertise as well as earning it on the field requires in some cases also an official recognition, accreditation. For this reason, some types of tests will be identified in the coming months for which the accreditation procedure as a laboratory conforming to ISO IEC 17025 will be initiated by the Accredia Accreditation of Italy. Another strong point that the CEV Lab Laboratory, unlike others, can put in place as its peculiarity is to be able to provide customers with technical debugging support for solving problems arising from unmatched tests, obviously in close collaboration with the design and development area. At the moment, the Laboratory’s units are located in Carpi and Lainate (within the ECIE structure), but in the future a mobile unit will be set up to test some types of tests directly at the production units of the customers.

“Change is the process by which the future invades our lives.” (Alvin Toffler).